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Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much much more for the 2018 season. Check back frequently for the latest information about our club.

Weather Cancellation Procedures

Weather Cancelation Procedures

Please follow the procedures below when canceling a game due to weather.  If a game is canceled within two hours of the start time, you must notify everyone by phone (this includes referee assigners and opposing coaches), please do not rely on emails or text messages.  If referees show up to a field because someone failed to effectively communicate a cancellation, the home team will be charged.

  1. Notify the referee assigners.  If you do not receive an email reply, you must call them to confirm that they are aware of the cancelation.


Boys- Wes Bachur                                 



Boys-  Ken Shephard (weekends) 



  1. Call the opposing coach to confirm the cancelation and to schedule a make-up. 


  1. All coaches must provide their contact information on the HarCo and/or MYLA Lacrosse web site so that emails and text messages can automatically communicate any schedule changes.  Phone numbers are also needed if the opposing coach needs to contact you.  Directions on how to do this can be found on the vertical tab of the web page.


Although, we are anticipating very few, if any weather cancelations for the Sunday Harco League, since games are being played on Turf, the following procedure will be put in place.  The Harco Board will notify teams and the referee assigners of all cancelations.  The Harco Board will communicate with program directors of Bel Air (Tucker Field), Fallston (Fallston Rec Complex), Forest Hill (C Milton Wright), Hereford (High School), Kelly Post (Towson H.S.), and Perry Hall (Honey Go Park) to assure that the fields are playable if weather could impact the field conditions. 

by posted 04/07/2018
Goal Coverage and Player Safety - Please Read
The local Rec Council Leagues have used a rule for several years now that focuses on player protection during GOAL COVERAGE by a player NOT LEGALLY EQUIPPED as a goalie.  Simply, a defender establishing a position IN THE CREASE and BETWEEN THE PIPES while the offense has possession of the ball.  Recently, the Federation (public HS's) have included this rule in their book.  This rule is an attempt to protect those players who might consider putting themselves in an extremely dangerous position.  One that has proven to be the most dangerous on the lacrosse field.
The Competition Committee of the HoCo Youth Club League met and decided that this rule needs to be universally applied to ALL YOUTH GAMES within the SLOA's assigning area.
So, since the HoCo Youth Club League has accepted this rule, I'm asking for the acceptance by the Directors of the MPLL & the HarCo Youth Club League.  Your acceptance will make this rule universal as it should be to afford Youth players this protection.
In the club leagues, the penalty for this infraction will be an UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT PENALTY (1 minute non-releasable penalty) served by the offender(s).  We believe that this penalty will serve the dual objectives of protecting the player(s) while eliminating any incentive of the defense using this maneuver to thwart an offensive thrust.
 I will include this rule in the Rules' Sheet for each of the Youth club leagues.  I believe the Directors of these 3 leagues should notify ALL PARTICIPATING TEAMS of the immediate inclusion of this rule to league play.  As info, we did have 1 instance of this maneuver during the first day of league play at BlandAir and the official stopped play prior to the shot.

by posted 04/04/2018
Entering Scores

In order to enter a score for your team,  you must assign yourself to your team -directions on how to register can found on the vertical menu under coaches registration.  Once you are registered, log in USING THE SIGN IN BOX LOCATED IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER OF THE HOME PAGE, go to your home team page and on the vertical menu you will find the Results tab.  On the results page you will see all of the games that your team has played.  Located next to each game, on the far right, is a yellow box which will take you to the page where you can enter scores.  Make sure that you hit SUBMIT so that the information is updated.

by posted 03/16/2018
Field Status
Aberdeen HS - Aberdeen  -- 
Blake's Venture Park 1 - Forest Hill TBD (6/18) 
Blake's Venture Park 2 - Forest Hill TBD (6/18) 
Ewing Street 1 - Bel Air  -- 
Ewing Street 2 - Bel Air  -- 
Fallston Rec Turf - Fallston  -- 
Tollgate 2 - Bel Air TBD (6/18) 
Tollgate Field - Bel Air TBD (6/18) 
Tollgate Park - Bel Air TBD (6/18) 
Tollgate Pk - Bel Air TBD (6/18) 
Tucker Field (Turf) - Bel Air OPEN (6/18) 
Tucker Fld - Bel Air  -- 
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